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Building Wash

residential & commercial

soft wash

Our Soft Wash application is mostly suited for Residential Properties as this guarantees results
with absolute minimal damages to your property cladding and paint work. This method is a
process of a low pressure wash application combined with biodegradable house washing
chemicals to get rid of the moss & mold and grime build up.

High Pressure Wash

Our High Pressure Wash application is ideal for Residential Properties that need a new paint
work [pre – paint wash] and also for Commercial Properties. This system works well on
claddings that are covered in excess moss & mold, grime and lichen. Our team takes extreme
care while working with such high pressure to ensure a quality finish without compromising the
surface integrity of your property.

Building wash services

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Residential property wash

Residential Properties Wash

Whether it is a New Build, Heritage House, Town Housing, Double or Single Storey, we wash them all. It is important that you have your property washed every twelve months as this not only keeps your property looking nice and clean but also prolongs the paint life of your property and keeps your maintenance cost low in the long run.
We work on a range of Claddings i.e.
1. Brick
2. Weather Board
3. Pvc
4. Concrete Plaster
5. Cedar
6. Zinc
7. Composite
8. Fibreboard
So give your property the wash it truly deserves with our team at ADN Exteriors. Believe us when we say 'we really do know alot about property washing'

Commercial Building Wash

Commercial Building Wash

Commercial Buildings are normally a reflection of your Business and it goes without saying 'a cleaning looking building breeds a healthy business'.
Whether it is a Multi Storey Complex, Industrial Buildings, Schools, Medical Centers, we wash them all. It is always a good practice to have a proactive approach when it comes to Commercial Building Wash as this normally saves the customer alot of downtime, resources and most importantly the monetary value on the cost of the actual wash.
At ADN Exteriors we are here to take care of all your Building Wash needs so you can stay focused on the more important things within your business.
Book a free consultation on your Commercial wash requirements with us today.

Roof Treatment

Roof Treatment

Roof Treatment is essentially an alternative solution to a roof wash in getting rid of moss & mold and lichen growth on the roof surface.

Customers usually tend to go with a roof treatment option as this a much cheaper option when compared to a roof wash.

However, even though a roof treatment is still an effective means of getting the job done, it won't show instant results like a roof wash does. Usually it takes upto atleast nine months for any visible results to start showing. If done correctly, the moss & mold and lichen will start to change its color to whitish tone and over a period of time will break down and wash away with the rain cycles.

We at ADN Exteriors through our years of experience have mastered the correct application methods of a Roof Treatment to ensure it works a hundred percent every time. So get in touch with our team of experts for your next roof treatment job.

Roof Wash

Roof Wash

A roof wash is normally a process where we pressure wash the roof to remove moss & mold andand lichen growth on the roof surface. It is advisable that a roof wash is only done by a professional as it is a delicate process and requires absolute care while walking on the roof surface to avoid any damages to the surface.

Fortunately, we at ADN Exteriors have years of experience when it comes to roof washing. So get in touch with us today for your next roof wash requirements.

Driveway Wash

Driveway Wash

Having a clean driveway is important as this always adds glamor to the overall appearance of your property. We at ADN Exteriors have the right equipment to get even the dirtiest looking driveways back in shape.

Don't just settle for any wash for your driveway. Let us help you add that glamor back to your property with your next driveway wash.

Get in touch with our friendly team at ADN Exteriors today for all your Driveway Washing needs.

Deck & Fence Wash

Deck & Fence Wash

Washing Decks and Fencing can be tricky sometimes. With over a hundred decks washed, we have the right methodology and skill set to achieve the best results for your money's worth.

Let us rejuvenate your decking and fence by giving it the wash it really needs. Get in touch with us today for all your Deck and Fence Wash solutions.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning is very important for a property and its occupants. If your gutters are overflowing or you have grass and weed sprouting out of it, then this is an indication that your gutters are due for a clean.

It is important that you have all your gutters cleaned atleast every six months. The purpose of a gutter clean is so that you don't have any stagnant water trapped in them as this will trigger mildew growth within your internal walls and ceiling which can lead to respiratory complications for infants and even adults. At ADN Exteriors we possess the expertise and equipment to have all your gutter cleaned so you have a healthy home all year around.

Get in touch with our experienced team today so we can have your gutters cleaned for you aswel.

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